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The Blaze King Princess

The Princess is available in Ultra, Parlor and Classic models. It features a 2.8 cu. ft. fire box and up to 40,000 Btu’s. The Princess can handle wood up to 16” in length. With a 6” flue and optional dual variable speed fans, the Princess is perfect for medium and small homes. This beautiful stove also has the incredible thermostat that has proven to be a favorite with hundreds of thousands of homeowners. Enjoy low burn times up to 20 hours, 82.5% efficiency and emissions as low as 2.42 gr/hr. Optional gold plated door available on all models. Outside air kit also available making the Princess ideal for manufactured homes.


Unit Dimensions

Minimum Heat Output: 6,400 Btu’s/hr Width: 27” / 685.8mm  
Average High Heat Output: 40,000 Btu’s/hr Height: 34 3/4” / 882.65mm  
Overall Efficiency: 82.5% Depth: 29” / 736.6mm  
Emissions: 2.42gr/hr Weight: 430# / 195kg  
Wood Length: 16”/20” Flue Diameter: 6” / 152.4mm  
Low Burn Time: 20 Hours      

Princess Ultra

Princess Parlor

Princess Classic